The Visegrad Fund as a donor organization was established in 2000 and, together with its excellent team & cooperating partners, contributes to the implementation of interesting and exceptional grant projects.

Thank you International Visegrad Fund for the opportunity for an international practice and training of AAI working dogs.

This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in a supportive and personalized environment.

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✅ We are participants from organizations of V4 countries:


OZ Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom


fb: OZ Zvierata a ludia navzajom


Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęta Ludziom 

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web: Zwierzeta ludziom

fb: Stowarzyszenie Zwierzeta ludziom


information about the project sub-site

Výcvikové canisterapeutické sdružení Hafík, z.s.,

web: canisterapie

fb: Výcvikové canisterapeutické sdružení Hafík, z.s.



fb: facebook groups Jam SHM

project coordinator: Slovak organizatioon Animals and humans with each other 

The output of the camp, common training methods, and recommendations for practitioners will be presented and disseminated at the own countries.
We was also publishing movies from training and workshops on each partner’s social media to show the way of training and goals of training.

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Project title: Visegrad interventions
Focus area/objective: Education and Capacity Building, Improving hard and soft skills for the 21st century through formal and non-formal educational methods.

The project builds on a previous joint V4 project that initiated the process of raising quality AAI in the V4 region.

It continues with the same partners from the Poland Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęta Ludziom, Slovakia Zvieratá a ľudia navzájom, Jam SHM Ukraine and Czech Republic  Výcvikové canisterapeutické sdružení Hafík, z.s.

The aims to address two issues. The first and the main one has been raised several times at conferences and workshops in the AAI environment and it is the selection of dogs suitable for AAI work. The international guidelines only contain general statements about „suitable state of mind“, „good physical condition“ and „attitudes towards human contact“. Currently, throughout the V4 region, it is up to the decision of each particular organisation whether at all and how these qualities are checked in the animals. This means that the „quality control“ of dogs working in AAI can vary from non-existent to scientifically approved testing.The second issue relates to the need for the working dogs in AAI to be able to rest and be emotionally calm and stay at ease throughout the visit, thus raising the need for additional intervention. We have identified AAI practitioners who wish to bridge the gap between resting their dog and continuing their AAI, with creative force in the hand weaving technique, which has the potential to provide the client with a successful therapy involving a combination of physical and mental stimulation. In response to these needs, the project comes with Hand Weaving Interventions for Visegrad AAI practitioners and an international camp.

Contribution to the project’s overall goal :

partnership composed of 3 organizations from the Visegrad Region and Ukraine. The partnership will be able to work on AAI certification and developmend Hand weaving Interventions in the region.

The result:

18 AAI practicioners trained and certificated according to common standard to share the knowledge in countries.

Trainers are needed to train beginners for certification, once trained, will train others in their home countries where these services are developing or are underdeveloped. Common way of training and sharing knowledge will help to build up a common certification standard in countries. Local experts are needed to change and upgrade current methods.

12 AAI practitioners will train handweavinq techniques.

The aim is to master the basic weaving techniques so that they can, if they wish, independently continue and develop the craft in their region, learn hand weaving techniques and use them as complementary interventions to Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI).

The innovation are the activities related to creative weaving – understanding and appreciating the achievements and practices of the past as a basis for individual success today.

At the camp, we will make a hand-woven „dove of peace“ banner together



The International camp – 8-day training event, a fantastic opportunity to exchange experiences, have theoretical discussions and develop networks with practitioners from V4, opportunity for international practice and study dogs working at AAI. 

AAI professionals and practitioners, beginners and enthusiasts will meet at the International AAI camp;

The Online conference will increase awareness about these interventions in V4 countries and Ukraine.

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The Project is co-financed by the governments of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from the International Visegrad Fund.
The fund’s mission is to promote ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.