Visegrad Interventions

The event gave experts from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine important face to face space to exchange good practice, create networks and have discussions in workshops, because despite frequent declarations, in the Visegrad region, many Intervention services with the assistance of dogs are not high-quality, unprofessional, ineffective and, above all, unsafe.

The camp contributed to the fulfillment of the project objective set out in the application as follows:
It strengthened AAI vocational information infrastructure in the Visegrad region, strongly supported quality implementation of AAI in the Visegrad region, supported the dissemination and exchange of best practices, and formulated an action plan regarding the implementation of a unified International Professional Certification of human and dog teams in V4.

It emphasized that for the V4 countries the important things are: innovations, education, preparation of human-animal teams using the latest scientific knowledge of AAI workers, their qualifications, flexibility and creativity.

So that we can survive on the global international market. Not only in our own „small countries“.

The event began to build a well-functioning cooperation network of people in the field of hand weaving interventions in the V4 region.
The camp was able to promote handicraft textile in the Visegrad region, which is a combination of the traditional and the modern, the old and the new, the past and the future.

This is important for understanding and appreciating the achievements and practices of the past as a basis for individual success today.

Slavka Duplakova

statutory organization name (English): Animals and humans with each other 

Krátky popis


Project title: Visegrad interventions
Focus area/objective: Education and Capacity Building, Improving hard and soft skills for the 21st century through formal and non-formal educational methods.

The project builds on a previous joint V4 project that initiated the process of raising quality AAI in the V4 region.