Krízová intervencia s asistenciou psa

Project ID #/Title: V4UA1003

Animals help facilitate social connections and also bridge the divide between individuals in need and helping professionals.

Meet Angel, the therapy dog supporting children from Ukraine in Košice and Prešov 🇺🇦🇸🇰
👉 Therapy Dogs as a Crisis Intervention are essential for children who have experienced trauma and who find themselves in a reality they do not know. 🔵 Project ‚Connecting to and linking with support‘ brings Ukrainian children Ajo, short for Angel, twice a week. 🙋‍♀️ The sessions are led by professional Slávka Dupláková, who teamed up with Viktoriya Bondarenko from Ukraine. Together, they are effective in reducing anxiety, providing nurturing comfort, and facilitating expression of emotions for Ukraine children 🥰
🟡 This project was supported thanks to Visegrad 4 Ukraine – an extraordinary call for small grant proposals to help mitigate the effects of war on the refugees.

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